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The Most Cost-Effective Pest Control Solution

The Most Cost-Effective Pest Control Solution

Rodent control is a very important thing to maintain. Here at Pest Patrol we go as far as serious infestations to regular seasonal maintenance. One of our professionals will thoroughly inspect your property and provide a detailed description of severity and present a plan.

Mix and Match:

Choose another pest you wish to control and build a package best fit for you.

Norway Rat

Norway Rats are commonly known as sewer or street rats. They are primarily nocturnal so seeing one in the middle of the day may be a sign of infestation. These alarming critters reproduce very quickly by giving birth to 3-6 litters per year.

Do not try to tackle this alone!! Speak to one of Pest Patrols professionals to set up a quick and easy inspection.

Roof Rat

Roof Rats are commonly known by a variety of different names, Including Fruit rats, Ship rats and Palm rats. Living in a coastal state we are more prone to having them live in our basements and attics. Roof rats are generally darker in color while Norway rats are often brown and Gray. Nesting sites include, Attics, Cabinets, Ceilings, Garages, inside walls and sheetrock, Laundry rooms, Patios and pool areas.

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